VentureTECH Whistleblowing Policy

Policy Statement

VentureTECH is committed to ensuring its business and operations are conducted in an ethical, moral and legal manner.

As part of good corporate governance and in line with the Code of Conduct/Ethics, VentureTECH has established a whistleblowing policy that provides an avenue for legitimate concerns to be objectively addressed and investigated. This policy is applicable to all employees and members of the public where individuals will be able to raise concerns about illegal, unethical, misconduct or questionable practices.

The disclosure shall be treated discretely, in the strictest confidence, and without any risk to the whistleblower of being subject to victimization, harassment or discriminatory treatment.

Scope of reporting

The whistleblowing may relate to any improper conduct(s) or malpractice(s) of staff of VentureTECH including but not limited to the following: finance allegation, legal allegation, ethics allegation and retaliatory act.

You can raise your concern with us if you reasonably believe that the information and allegation are true. In addition, you must also make the disclosure in good faith and ensure that it is not for personal gain or motivated by ill intention.

How to make a disclosure?

If any of your disclosure is related to improper practices occurring within VentureTECH, please raise your concern by filling the form below and for us to investigate the matter.

Whistleblowing Form

Particulars of Whistleblower

Details of Alleged Wrongdoer

Please include the following when filing for a complaint: nature of the misconduct, offender, date (and time if possible), location, third party involvement (if any), evidence and other information that could substantiate your claim.